Dr. Clara Barnett

“I began working with Dr. Barnett due to health issues that were affecting my digestion. Instead of providing me with a plan of what I can and cannot eat, which many nutritionists have done in the past, she taught me how to listen to my body cues to determine when to eat, how much to eat and which foods were appropriate. Thanks to Dr. Barnett I am much more in tune with my body and my digestion has improved tremendously. Also, her nutritional knowledge base and kind nature made it a pleasure to work together. I learned so much from Dr. Barnett and highly recommend working with her to solve any nutrition issue you are dealing with.”

/  Lauren 8.9.2018  /


“Dr Barnett was, again, delightful, informative, an excellent listener, clear in her instructions and recommendations, validated my understanding, and really demonstrated caring and empathy. Cannot rate her highly enough."

/  Liga 7.26.2018  /


“Very early I experienced a reduction in pain and after four weeks the pain was completely gone! It is now four months since I have happily returned to my daily exercise on the elliptical trainer with absolutely no pain at all. Sometime in the future I perhaps may need an acupuncture tune-up. I’m not sure. But for now I am elated with the result.”

/  Robert 6.15.2018  /


“With Dr. Barnett's help, and my following her plan, she identified the source of the acne cysts, and I can truly say that I am no longer suffering from painful acne cysts. It has been over five years. Dr. Barnett is very knowledgeable, has extensive experience in her field, and truly cares about helping her patients solve the medical issues they come to her for. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a natural approach to resolving their medical problems.”

/  Heather 5.31.2018  /

“I came to Dr. Barnett to treat skin issues but because she practices both Naturopathic Medicine and Acupuncture, she was able to help me treat the underlying cause of my acne. I have lost weight, increased energy and… finally I have clear skin! I feel like I received a whole-body transformation in addition to eliminating acne! Overall I am overwhelming grateful for Dr. Barnett’s knowledge and I would recommend her to anyone.

/  emily 5.31.2018  /

“With a few acupuncture treatments and modifications to my diet, I have been living allergy-free for the first time in my life. Thank you Dr. Barnett!."

/  Katherine 5.21.2018  /

“I am 54 and have a family history of diabetes and cancer. For the first time in a long time I feel really good. Biking again makes it even better."

/  Laura 5.31.2018  /

“Dr. Barnett has shown me how to incorporate new food items but most importantly “why” these food items are important for my body and what the long term benefits are."

/  Robert 1.30.2018  /