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Acne - Emily, 27 years old.

I have struggled with acne since I was a teenager; then in my mid-twenties it became substantially worse. My first thought was to see a traditional dermatologist. They gave me creams that burned my skin and made my face peel; as well as prescribed pills, which inevitably needed higher dosages each visit. I really did not like the idea of being on medications I could not take while pregnant. Also these prescriptions could harm me long term. Deciding I needed to look for a different way to treat my skin, I decided to visit Dr. Barnett.  

During my first appointment, I was so impressed with her approach. Unlike other doctors she did not put on gloves, turn my face side to side, write me a prescription and send me out the door. Instead we sat and had a conversation about my life, dietary habits, sleep, work, etc.  Dr. Barnett really took time to get to know me! Following our conversation, we came up with a plan to start healing my skin. This primarily included dietary tweaks, a cleanse and a regiment of acupuncture. As the treatment progressed, I was beginning to feel better.

I came to Dr. Barnett to treat skin issues but because she practices both Naturopathic Medicine and Acupuncture, she was able to help me treat the underlying cause of my acne. I have lost weight, increased energy and… finally I have clear skin! I feel like I received a whole-body transformation in addition to eliminating acne! Overall I am overwhelming grateful for Dr. Barnett’s knowledge and I would recommend her to anyone.

Nutritional Concerns, Laura 54 years old.

I want to say first of all thank you.  I came to Dr. Barnett wanting to change my lifestyle, healthier eating habits and hoping I could fit all this in my busy work schedule.

It is very hard for me to adhere to “scheduled” anything because of my work schedule and lifestyle.  She had her hands full with me. 

Dr. Barnett listened and asked questions no one else has ever asked.  What foods I eat, time of day I eat, rest and what I do for fun.

This worked for me because I was able to take gradual steps to include changes all pointing in the right direction.  The “cleanse” has made a hug difference!  I feel good, more energy and able to fit the regime into my hectic schedule.  I am not hungry in between meals which is a major plus for me.  Most surprising is not craving the not so good stuff, my go to happy foods. 

I did a test, and actually tried a not so good food and could not eat it.  To me that is huge.  I feel like I have gotten “over the hump.”  This is becoming easy and a permanent change of lifestyle I can live with.  This way of eating has naturally resulted in easier portion control because I am satisfied after I eat.

I am 54 and have a family history of diabetes and cancer.  For the first time in a long time I feel really good.  Biking again makes it even better.

Dr. Barnett has shown me how to incorporate new food items but most importantly “why” these food items are important for my body and what the long term benefits are. 

I am so thankful.

Cystic acne, Heather 48 years old

I have seen Dr. Barnett for issues ranging from a neck injury after a car accident, to allergies manifesting as painful large acne cysts on my face.

Each time, I have walked away feeling better after only a few sessions, or with a customized plan for how to tackle the cause of my cysts. As a professional woman, the cysts were a source of embarrassment at work, and the scars they left behind were difficult to hide.

With Dr. Barnett's help, and my following her plan, she identified the source of the acne cysts, and I can truly say that I am no longer suffering from painful acne cysts. It has been over five years.

Dr. Barnett is very knowledgeable, has extensive experience in her field, and truly cares about helping her patients solve the medical issues they come to her for. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a natural approach to resolving their medical problems.

Chronic pain, Robert 86 years old

I have been blown away recently by the healing effectiveness of a modality that I had grossly underestimated. Here is my story. For many years I have faithfully exercised 30 minutes every morning, seven days a week, on the elliptical trainer. Since I stand on it while moving my legs it is a weight-bearing exercise. As such it guards against osteoporosis, a hallowing out of bones that will then tend to become brittle. However, five month ago the arthritic pain in my right knee became so uncomfortable that I couldn’t do the elliptical trainer for even five minutes. I had to stop completely. Even the twisting motion of turning over in bed at night made me jump with pain. Then I went to the orthopedic surgeon who gave me a total left knee replacement two years earlier thinking that I was now due for that same operation on my right knee. He looked at the X-rays and, to my astonishment, told me that at my age, 86, I had become a risk. He related that an elderly patient on whom he had performed joint surgery had subsequently suffered a stroke and would spend the rest of his life in a nursing home. The surgeon’s advice, “Get a cane.”

I couldn’t imagine a future in which I would never again perform the daily exercise that was both beneficial and enjoyable. I cringed at the mental picture of me becoming inseparable from a cane. It was just not the imagine of how I wanted to see myself.

I knew Dr. Clara, a licensed acupuncturist, and thought, “Why not give it a try.” I started with two acupuncture treatments per week. The acupuncture needles are quite thin and were not painful.  Dr. Clara explained that I might feel a mild sensation around the area, like pressure or warmth.  This is something most people don’t realize. In fact, the thirty minutes or so that I sat still were a very relaxing time. Very early I experienced a reduction in pain and after four weeks the pain was completely gone! It is now four months since I have happily returned to my daily exercise on the elliptical trainer with absolutely no pain at all. Sometime in the future I perhaps may need an acupuncture tune-up. I’m not sure. But for now I am elated with the result.

When I compare acupuncture with the hospitalization, pain, physical therapy, long rehabilitation, cost, and being out of service of a joint replacement - well there is no comparison at all. From now on, acupuncture is the first modality I will try whenever I am experiencing pain.

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