Dietary Detox


A Customized Dietary Redesign Just For You

Do you have a habit of eating the same thing every day or least several times a week? Do you wonder or suspect that certain foods don't agree with you? It might be time for you to give your body a break from your routine and introduce other nutrients. Good nutrition depends both on what you eat and how often you eat it.

Dr. Barnett’s cleanse program is six weeks long and involves minimal cooking. However, if you love to cook she has many recipes from her own kitchen that she will recommend to you. Dr. Barnett realizes that many of her patients appreciate the convenience of easy meal prepping.

You will initially discuss your health concerns and goals with Dr. Barnett. She customizes a dietary detox specifically for you. She will outline your roadmap and help you set your sights on goals. Her protocol is practical, easy to follow and keeps you feeling sustained. The second component of the custom detox incorporates acupuncture to enhance the detoxification process. Acupuncture stimulates the movement of toxins that accumulate in the tissues and organs. As an added benefit, acupuncture can also to help curb cravings and normalize blood sugar.

At the end of six weeks you will walk away feeling empowered with the changes you’ve made. You will have had a good reason to step out of the routine and pattern that you may have kept for years. You might discover that some things worked for you and that other habits no longer serve you.

Custom Detox:

· Initial Naturopathic assessment by Dr. Clara Barnett

· Customized Detox Menu designed with your lifestyle in mind

· Weekly detox acupuncture sessions for six weeks (optional)

Don’t wait any longer. Be a hero for yourself in 2018 and discover what your body is capable of doing.

How this is different from other programs:
Dr. Barnett teaches you about what is missing from your current diet and what should be removed. She offers hands-on recommendations and a dietary prescription that fits targets your health concerns and fits with your lifestyle. She wants you to eat real food, not diet food. Why is your diet important? Imbalanced diets have been linked with many chronic conditions. Eating the right foods is one of the most important factors to prevent disease and slow down the aging process. Hippocrates’ “Food is Medicine” could not ring more true today.

Dr. Barnett has a long history of utilizing nutrition to address chronic health conditions. During her doctoral studies at Bastyr University, she integrated Nutritional Science with Whole Foods Cooking. She has travelled around the world taking cooking classes. During her nearly twenty years of clinical work, she has built up an extensive repertoire of meal-plans, recipes and nutritional protocols for her patients which are enjoyed by all. She also designed and lead 12-week Nutrition and Fitness programs at a local health club in Seattle. She regularly gives lectures on nutrition throughout the community and makes regular appearances on King 5 NBC news.

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