The Health Benefits of Mexican Food

I spoke to Amanda on NBC King 5 news about the health benefits of Mexican food.  Why not celebrate how healthful this flavorful cuisine really is?  I can't say enough about the nutritional heavy-hitters in Mexican cuisine.  Take cilantro for example.  Don't mistake it for a garnish.  Cilantro is a nutrient-dense herb that contains antioxidants such as Quercetin, a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.  It's also high in Vitamin K and A and research shows that it pulls unwanted substances, like heavy metals, from the body.  Cilantro is added to salads, salsas and my favorite:  street tacos.  Traditional Mexican food is more streamlined than the Americanized version of it.  You can cut back on fat and sodium by adding cilantro to your carne asada and carnitas instead of dollops of sour cream and cheese.  

Most of you know about the good heart-healthy fats in avocados.  Guacamole is a perennial favorite among Americans.  But what about all those chips we tend to consume with it?  Enter in Jicama, a tuberous root vegetable that is native to Mexico.  It's crunchy, sweet and packed with a special fiber called inulin.  Inulin can help slow the release of blood sugar and is an important pre-biotic.  It provides food for the good bacteria in your gut to thrive on.  

Viva la Mexico and viva the healthful and beautiful food of Mexico!

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