Quality Protein at Breakfast

Protein at Breakfast:  Easy and Nutritious


Good quality protein can be hard to find.  Protein is an important nutrient to stabilize your blood sugar and provide key building blocks (amino acids) for your body.  But it usually doesn’t come in a bagel, a muffin and most cereals. 


Having a good quality protein powder in my kitchen is indispensable.  Typically,  I will blend nut milk, berries, some chia seeds and a scoop of this protein powder in a smoothie: delicious, so satisfying and full of nutrients.  I also mix protein powder with cereal or oatmeal.  When I only have a couple of minutes, I take a scoop of the powder and shake it in a bottle with some milk.  I get energy that sustains me through many hours of work and running around.


Happy New Year!

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