Our Bodies, Our Soil

What We Can Do for Our Garden Now

            It’s mid-January, still winter, and we are recovering from the abundance of the holidays.  Our bodies are sensing that it’s time to sort things out instead of letting things pile up and collect without purpose.  The health of our bodies relies on the nutrition of our soil.  Spring almost feels like it could be around the corner so let’s take some steps to evaluate and optimize our soil.  Here I share with you how to start the process of figuring out what’s useful and what’s not.

Step 1: Sorting

            Look at your food and beverage consumption for the day.  What is the most nourishing habit you have? What is the least nourishing habit you have?

Step 2:  Maintaining and Replacing

            Identify your healthiest habit from Step One.  Remind yourself that this is a valuable investment and ensure that you keep doing it regularly.  Identify the least nourishing habit you have.  How can you improve upon it by replacing it with one of your healthier habits?  Remember, use your creativity as one of your key resources.

Step 3: Apply the change

             Apply these two changes in your life.  Really commit to following them everyday for two weeks.   Keep track everyday.   How do you measure your success?  If you can stick to any positive change for two weeks, you have trained your body to live at a higher standard and reap more health benefits. This translates into more vitality in all aspects of our lives.

             Ready to take it a step further?  If you have been curious about what foods would benefit you specifically (and conversely what foods may not agree with you), Dr. Barnett invites you to make a complimentary 15 minute consultation about your inquiry.  Her Dietary Detox is also underway and you can start at any time.  Contact (206) 267-2100 to book your appointment. 

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