Has "Wellness" Replaced Diets and Why Cleanse?

Yes, it may have, and no, the two are not the same. This is why:  diets are focused on weight loss while wellness is focused on optimizing nutrients that the body requires to perform well.  There is a big difference. You lose with diets, you gain with wellness.  

How does it feel when you clean out your refrigerator?  You separate the edible from the non-edible.  You organize your food so you can make use of what you have.  It looks sparkling and clean – even new again.  You might see this is as a periodic project which isn’t terribly difficult and well worth it.   It turns out that the same logic can be used for your detoxification system.  Your body can benefit from a dietary deep cleanse.   Learn more by discussing your health goals and needs with Dr. Barnett.

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