Food and Skin

What Does Diet Have to do with Skin?


You are what you eat.  When we eat good quality foods that are clean and high in nutrients our bodies use these vitamins and minerals to carry out various functions in the body.  But when our bodies are encumbered with chemicals and other synthetic by-products in food, our bodies must work that much harder to eliminate them out of our system. 


If we want healthy skin, we must work on eating foods that nourish our bodies and try to minimize the substances which stress our bodies.  Along with our liver, kidneys, intestines and lungs, the skin is a major organ of elimination. 


An individualized consultation with our Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Clara Barnett will bring insight into your specific health concerns.  Learn about what foods can enhance your health.  Learn about food that are especially revitalizing and beautifying.  Give yourself the gift of health to start 2017 strong and renewed. 

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